Q: I have already found some geocaches before the GeoTour start. What i have todo?

A: If you want to win a geocoin as a prize, you should visit again the geocaches to get the codes and if requested put a note with a photo in the geocache location. If you are looking for the souvenir only, you don’t need visit the geocaches again.

Q: How long is the GeoTour?

A: The GeoTour will take at least one year, finishing on September 26 of 2021. The GeoTour was renewed, during now until the end of January of 2023.

Q: How to get a GeoTour code if i found a Earthcache?

A: When the geocacher owner validate the answers, he will send you the GeoTour code.

Q: How to get a GeoTour code if i found a Virtual cache?

A: There are a code fixed in the GZ to be registered in the passport. If you can’t find the code, please send us a message requesting the code and we will send it back after the online log validation.

Q: I have found a geocache without a GeoTour code. What i have to do?

A: Take a photo as evidence and send us a private message. We will answer with the code after validation.