1. Have an account / username at;
  2. Sign up the account mentioned in point (1) on the GeoTour website (;
  3. Download and print the Passport;
  4. Find the GeoTour geocaches and register the codes of each one in the passport;
  5. The geocaches identified with photo icon in the passport, means that online log must have a photograph of the geocacher in the geocache location;
  6. The dates and codes in passport must match with information in the physical and online logbook;
  7. After finding all the geocaches you must submit the fully filled passport to the following address email address:, all passport pages must be signed with the geocacher nickname;
  8. The validation of passports and delivery of prizes will take between 1 and 2 months;
  9. The prizes will be distributed immediately after the passports are correctly validated, subject to availability in stock;
  10. The organization is not responsible for any loss of correspondence, both when sending prizes and when receiving passports;
  11. Only one prize will be distributed per account;